Introducing Allo — Token Cap Table Platform by Exponent

Anyone with a wallet can now manage and distribute token equity to investors and employees using Allo, a token cap table platform by Exponent

Introducing Allo — Token Cap Table Platform by Exponent

A few months ago, we announced Saft Protocol, a base layer infrastructure for cap table management.

Today, we're excited to announce Allo — a token cap table platform powered by the protocol.

Allo — Holders View

Allo leverages the Saft Protocol to help allocate, track, and distribute token equity to your employees and investors on-chain. With Allo, anyone with a wallet can start distributing token equity in seconds. All you'll need are their addresses or ENS names and a little gas.


Today, you can start using Allo for:

  • tracking token options, warrants, and safts
  • realtime vesting (with support for block-time vesting)
  • automating token option- and warrant exercises (with WETH or USDC)
  • automating token distribution
  • uploading and attaching documents to grants

Additional Features

Allo adds utility to locked tokens. Your holders can stake and vote with their allocation before tokens unlock.

Allo — Portfolio Dashboard

Allo also has a portfolio view for your holders to track their unlock schedules, and claim their tokens. You no longer need to distribute unlocked tokens manually.

Allo — Portfolio Token Claim Demo

No tokens? No problem. You can start tracking ownership and even start vesting before launching tokens. You can also kickstart your governance and utility with our pre-TGE support. When you're ready, the protocol will automatically allocate and distribute your tokens for you.

Coming Soon

We're still building! In the coming weeks & months you can expect the following features:

  • polygon Support
  • document and grant e-signatures
  • team member invites & role management
  • and much more.

Getting Started

Allo is live on Ethereum Mainnet today.

→ Head over to Allo to automate your token cap table today
→ Need some help? Book an onboarding session with us
→ or Dive into our docs

Need More Help?

We're here to help. You can follow and contact us on Twitter and join our Discord for additional help.

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