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Saft Protocol

SAFTs are Simple Agreements for Future Tokens. Inspired by the SAFE standard, the protocol helps teams manage and distribute future tokens in a permissionless fashion. The protocol handles token vesting, exercising, holder segments (or groups), lockups, and other transfer restrictions.

We wanted a crypto-native solution, and as a result, we leveraged many existing web3 standards when creating the protocol so that it may be easily readable and extensible by the rest of the ecosystem. In addition to vesting and lockups, the protocol can also help facilitate governance mining, pre-token staking, contributor rewards, and the eventual distribution of ERC-20 tokens.

How does it work?

Saft Protocol

SAFTs are ERC-1155 NFTs. We already have excellent standards for representing ownership, and we saw no need to reinvent it. By leveraging 1155s, we can segment holders by events or groups while maintaining fungibility. Holders bound by the same terms can be added to the same group. For example, seed investors that signed the same SAFE or founding contributors that summoned the project.

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