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How to Add Holders After Creating a Group

Adding holders is extremely easy on Allo. You only have to take into account two variables: existing and remaining allocation.

Existing allocation

Existing allocation showcases how much of the group's allocation has already been given away. The value in the brackets is the % of the group's supply given away, while the value before the brackets is the % of total supply given away. The Seed group below has 10% of the total supply, and a holder already has 1.5% of the total supply, which comes out as 15% of the group supply.


Remaining allocation

Showcases how much allocation you can still give away to other holders. As explained above, the value positionings have the same logic. The Seed group below still has 8.5% of total supply to give away, or 85% of the group supply.


When adding holders, there will be a new bar showcased with the allocation taken out of the remaining total supply and added to the existing one.