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How to Distribute Tokens on Allo

Token distribution may seem daunting, but Allo makes it seamless and secure.

Set Token

Within the distribution section, you will be able to set & distribute the ERC20 token. Once you enter the address of the token, you will see the symbol, total supply and expected allocation populate within the fields.

The expected allocation corresponds to the % of allocation you reserved for your groups multiplied by your ERC20 total supply. We require this to be the minimum amount pulled from your wallet, making the smart contract fully collateralized. In case you have already sent some ERC20 tokens to the contract by accident, the difference will be taken into account.


Once you approve the token amount to pull, you can Set Token. This initiates a transfer from your wallet to your cap table contract.


Read about token recovery from your cap table contract.

Once everything successfully finishes, you should see a display similar to the one below.


Congratulations 🥳🥳! Now your team & investors can successfully claim vested tokens directly from their portfolio pages.