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Your Token Distribution, Simplified

Dashboard Summary

Track employee or investor tokens in real time. Stay up to date with your holders allocation, vesting schedule, and token distribution.


No More Spreadsheets

Stop wasting time managing spreadsheets or writing custom unlock contracts. Allo's simple design reveals high-signal metrics without the noise.

Holder Dashboard

Holder Portfolio Dashboard

Stop distributing tokens manually. Our holder view provides both a high level, and detailed look at their current holdings. They can exercise and claim tokens directly from their dashboard.

Realtime Vesting

Set up and track token unlocks in realtime. Tokens can be scheduled to vest by time or by block. Additionally add a token release date for a synchronized unlock across multiple groups.

Portfolio Vesting
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More Features

Automate token vesting and distribution for your investors and employees all in one place

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    Automate token equity distribution

    Approve your tokens and let the contract distribute it for you. Holders can claim their tokens as they vest and unlock.

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    Stake and vote using locked tokens

    Participate in on-chain staking and governance while tokens are locked. Vested token allocation can be used in any ERC-1155 voting strategies.

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    Take your settings with you

    Manage holders and distribute vesting tokens directly from your wallet.


Create a new vesting distribution from scratch or import your existing settings with our easy-to-use platform

Core settings will be saved on-chain and will be configurable on the platform
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Upload documents and invite your investors or employees to sign them

No need for external signing services, grants can be signed within the platform


When you’re ready to launch your token, update your settings with the correct token contract address

The protocol can distribute them across all holders automatically
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Relax knowing that your tokens are being distributed securely

Focus on building your app rather than maintaining custom vesting contracts


Our smart contracts have been reviewed and audited by Spearbit, a third-party auditor